Security Railings

Railings can have many roles. They can be purely functional or decidedly decorative. They can form a crucial part of your perimeter security plans. They can be designed and made to complement your gate systems. But above all, no matter what their purpose, well designed, craftsman made, high quality metal railings will, without question, enhance the appearance of your property and add substantially to its appeal and value.

At EGW with our 30-year history of craftsmanship in traditional metalwork, we can design, manufacture and install any style or quantity of railings. From ornamental toppings for your walls, to the most formidable, high-security, unbreachable barriers - we will design, manufacture and installed them to any height and length you require.

If you would like to discuss your security railings needs, please contact us direct, or via the Request an ESTIMATE page.






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