Over recent years we have seen a surprising increase in the demand for metalwork staircases, and no matter what the location, the style, or the complexity of the design, at EGW we have the skills, experience and an unbeatable metalworking tradition to satisfy every requirement.

We have always made, and no doubt will always be asked to manufacture functional metal fire escapes, and we fabricate these precisely to specifications for both external and internal applications.

More recently, however, our metalworking skills have been called upon to produce the most elaborate designs including spiral staircases and highly complex geometric shapes for private houses, commercial buildings, restaurants, hotels and public buildings.

All our staircases are bespoke and are custom made to match your own designs and specifications. We can manufacture them in a wide range of finishes including powder coated, galvanised or hand painted.

If you would like to discuss your ideas for staircases, please contact us direct, or via the Request an ESTIMATE page.






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